Hi Beefolks,

After the recent public slagging off and rubbishing of the current website at the last Social Meeting by our Chairperson June Harvey, while I was trying to introduce Martyn Belcher.  This together with the premature cut-off of my introduction and explanation of the future of the website, I would like to draw your attention to what I was trying to tell you.

So here goes...

I would like to welcome Martyn Belcher to the editorial team where he has become the Joint Editor. I am sure he will play an important role and can safely be relied upon to introduce new ideas to improve the website so lookout for his by-lines.

Martyn has been a qualified pest controller for many years, his work has brought him into contact regularly with swarming honeybees. He is well known for his videos and photos on the collection of bee colonies from some areas that the ordinary beekeeper would not attempt, such as in a roof and other normally inaccessible places. It is Martyns promise to bring interesting videos to the website and maybe later to include training videos.

If there is anything e.g. ideas, articles, queries on beekeeping or pest contol that as readers of the website you could bring to the website, then make contact with the editorial team and either myself or Martyn will give it our immediate attention. Please write urgently to editor@cdbka.com or, if not available to graham.robinson@ gmx.com .

We are currently looking amnd testing another website building program which has greater flexibility than this existing one. This program is one where we can upload HTML input, where our current one has many unavailable features that we feel are currently limiting us. So keep an eye out for our updates on our test of the potential site.

Hopefully we can integrate the new programme seamlessly, but if not if not there may be a short delay which we can't avoid hence the title of this page "Countdown" as there are only 19 days from today the 16th February to the demise of the existing website on Friday 7t March, as the fees for the current site will not be renewed.

Regards to you all,

Graham Robinson
16th Feb. 2019

Daily Countdown to the demise of the present website.

18th Feb  - 17 days to go.