Summer Programme 2017

Social Meetings – Venue:-

                Whittington Moor Methodist Hall, Scarsdale Rd, S41 8NA

                                      Time:- 7.30pm – 10.00pm.



                              other dates - 12th June, 10th July, 14th Aug, 11th Sept


  • The Summer Meetings are to give members an opportunity to  meet each other socially, have a cuppa and a chat also to discuss their beekeeping and seek advice from experts on issues they might have.
  • There will be the chance to use the Microscopes, view Hints & Tips
  • We have arranged a visit the Ropers Commercial Honey Processing & Beekeeping Equipment Shop on the 8th May, directions of how to get there are above this article.                                                                      
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Microscopy MeetingsVenue:- Whittington Moor Methodist Hall, Scarsdale Rd, S41 8NA

                                                Time:- 7.30pm – 10.00pm

                                                Dates:- Third Wednesday each month

                                                Contact – Robin Bagnall (01246 570545)


“Master” Classes -    Venue:- The Avenue Training Centre, Mill Lane, Wingerworth,

                                    Time:- 7.30pm – 10.00pm                                  

Subjects being covered at the “Master” Classes

         Honey Extraction & Filtering, Wax Extraction & Candle making; Mead making.

Please note an important message from our Hon. Sec.

Hello everyone.

The Avenue Learning Centre is now booked to run our Master Classes, for the following dates: 

Friday 9th June - Topic is Honey Extraction

Friday 7th July - Topic is Wax Demonstration 

Friday 22nd September - Topic is Mead Making

I  have also booked the centre for Friday 21st July as an alternative/additional date.

I hope that for the June date, we can bring along some honey frames for extracting. I'll bring the electric powered (dry type) capping tray and I can also bring a 4 frame hand driven extractor. Could someone bring an Electric Extractor, other type of Capping tray, collecting container (separates the wax / honey).

I can get the keys early on Friday, so if we're starting the demo at around 7.30pm, what time do we want to meet up beforehand (6pm?).

Please let me know if you can help on the evening. 




Introduction to Beekeeping Course (Run by C&DBKA Members) -

Fully Booked(14 students) Starts: 19th March - Introduction to Beekeeping at the Learning Centre. Ends:30th April – Final theory topics - Feeding & Preparing for winter.       Course Evaluation & Discussion (Mon 12th June) during Assoc. Meeting.



1.         Wingerworth Family Fun DaySat 20th May (11am – 5pm)  (Promoting Beekeeping)

            Opportunity for general public to meet Beekeepers & see the “Bees” . 

            Find the Queen and colouring sheet s for the kids. Honey for sale. 

2.         Brackenfield Village Fun Day 27th – 29th May (10am – 6pm) (Attend only 1 day)

            To Promoting Beekeeping) - Opportunity for general public to meet

            Beekeepers &     see the “Bees”

 3.         “Meet the Bees” (Lee & Holloway Carnival). Sat 24th June (11am – 4pm)

             Opportunity for general public to meet Beekeepers & see the “Bees”

 4.         “Meet the Bees” – (Old Whittington Gala). Sat 24th June (11am – 4pm)

             Opportunity for general public to meet Beekeepers & see the “Bees”

5.         “Meet the Bees” – (Lea Brook Valley, Dronfield). Sat 15th July (10am – 4pm)

             Opportunity for general public to meet Beekeepers & see the “Bees”

6.         Whitwell Gala (Whitwell Community C’tre). Sat 22nd July (11am – 6pm)

            Organised by Whitwell Parish Council (Promoting Beekeeping)

            Opportunity for general public to meet Beekeepers & see the “Bees" . 

6.         Bakewell Show Wed 2nd & Thurs 3rd August (8.30am – 6.30pm)

                                            at the famous  Bakewell Showground 




Exhibits being diplayed by entrants

So another honey show has come and gone. This year I was privileged to be allowed to shadow both the stewards and observe the judges in their deliberations and what an insight into the 'in and outs' of sshow judging it was.

When attending the master classes on Honey and wax preparing for showing we are told what to do get the judge to even look at your exhibit and how true this is.

For example, in the old days it was said that it was wise to check your jars to see that they were even manufactured by the same company. That the batch numbers on the base of the jars, were the same, etc etc. However with the hardship of getting jars that meet these criteria, experienced honey judges such as those who judged at our show i.e. Alan Brown and  Ivor Flatman have stated that they are there to judge honey not glass jars!

I noted that there are several factors that can fail an entry such as short measure in the jar; dirt or foreign bodies in the honey; scum/bubbles on the surface of the entry; dirty jars; damaged lids; honey on the inside of the lid; in a labelled class that the labels must be to the standards set by Weights & Measures.  So please be aware that close attention to such details are an absolute necessity.

But having said all that there were over 150 hopeful entries and honours were spread across the board but congratulations must go to every entrant for actually entering the show!

In the afternoon the show was open to all and it was attended by the general public and beekeepers alike, and all seemed impressed with what they saw and both judges were happy to speak to entrants and give advice as to why their entry came where it came, win or lose. In so doing for the enquirers, I hope the knowledge base of our entrants was expanded.

This year the best in show went to Anne McClelland for her bottle of Sweet Mead, congratulations to her.

In closing our gratitude must go to all of our membersincluding our President and Hon Secretary who helped with setting up the room and to the two Show Stewards Graham Robinson and Stuart Smith who assisted in staging the entries on the Friday night and assisting the judges the next day. A very big “Thank You”  to our Show Secretary  MaryAnn (Mim) Clark  and to her very experienced assistant Mike Ashford for all their hard work, and last but least thanks to Robin Bagnall for stepping into the breach during the judging of the show with another printer when the original the printer gave up the ghost.

So with ideas afresh we are looking towards 2017 to show our beekeeping endeavours to the best of our abilities in appreciation of all the hard work the bees do just to provide us with a harvest of wax and honey.   

Please note that if you have only a small number of entries, to help you we will, prior to the show period split a box of jars and lids to sell them separately – come and see us at the association shop to take advantage of this special offer.

In conclusion, please do consider entering the show next year whether you win or lose, you will gain so much from the experience it will certainly improve your beekeeping skills.

Dave Stanford.



The CDBKA Annual Honey Show was held at

The Village Hall at Ashover.

on Saturday 3rd September. 

The Rules & Honey Show information can be found at:-