The CDBKA Apairy. (as seen from the Assoc. Shop.)

At the CDBKA Apiary. A group of potential beekeepers.

At the CDBKA Apiary. A group of potential beekeepers getting a taste of 'hands-on' experience.




We started 2018  with only two viable colonies having lost two over the winter.

One of these attempted to swarm at the end of June and was 'split' using "The Pagden Method". A further addition was kindly provided by Martin Belcher who donated a swarm bringing stocks up to our current tally of four.

Two 'nuclei' were created ready to provide members on the new beekeepers course with a start up colony.

A modest Spring honey crop was taken and a further crop in August which makes honey available for sale at the various events the club attend throughout the year.

The hives were monitered for 'varroa mite' and treated with 'Apiguard' at the end of August followed by feeding with sugar syrup to give them the best chance possible to survive over winter.

Please Note:- 

The apiary is open throughout the 'active season' every Saturday 11-00am to 1-00pm (same hours as the adjacent shop)

We urge all new and prospective beekeepers to take advantage of this opportunity for hands on experience/training and a chance to discuss any problems they may be having.

A selection of bee suits in various sizes including children’s sizes are available on site but when you attend please come sensibly dressed in long trousers together with a pair of rubber gloves and with wellington boots if possible.