This is NOT a written exam but is based on seeing how you handle your bees which for anyone having succesfully kept bees for a season or longer should find easy. The assessor will ask basic questions as the asssessment progresses to test your knowledge of beekeeeping. The Basic Course we teach covers these questions and steadily  hones up your knowledge, it is conducted in a friendly fun manner which takes away any fears about taking the test. Over the last few years we can boast a 100% pass mark! The assessment can be conducted at your own apiary or by arrangement at the assessors apiary.

Successful candidates get a certificate to proudly display on their wall and a sew-on special badge for their beesuit.


See the photo of  the group of some of our members who took thesir Basic Assessment in 2016 and all passed at "Credit" Level !!  A great job done by all !!

More contenders next year please!  

Graham Robinson - Tutor


Please Note.

I  will be starting to teach the 2017 BBKA Basic Assessment  Course in Bee Husbandry ealier this year in May. This is  to avoid the main holiday weeks that in 2016 saw several persons going missing mid course and having to play 'catch up' on their return

The six one night a  week  training course is free so please get your names down  as places are limited and as the 2017 Course starts on Tuesday 2nd May for 6 weeks, time is running out so please sign up asap.with myself or with June Harvey 

The BBKA assesment fee is £20.00p for this year.

Info on the Basic Assessment and application form can be found at -

The 2017 Syllabus for the Basic can be found at :-

Graham, Course Tutor.