This is NOT a written exam but is based on seeing how you handle your bees which for anyone having succesfully kept bees for a season or longer should find easy.

The friendly assessor will ask basic questions as the asssessment progresses to test your knowledge of beekeeeping.

The Basic Course covers these questions and steadily  hones up your knowledge, it is conducted in a friendly fun manner which takes away any fears about taking the test.

Over the last few years we can boast a 100% pass mark! The assessment can be conducted at your own apiary or by arrangement at the assessors apiary.

Successful candidates get a certificate to proudly display on their wall and a sew-on special badge for their beesuit

In 2019 the course will alter its format with a new tutor Paul Loxley.

Instead of the old format of six weekly swotting sessions, this will now take the form of TWO sessions to simply boost up your own learning of the requirements of the BBKA sylabus. Currently (May 2018)

The  .pdf file of the sylabus can be downloaded at

If you would like to take the 2019 assessment, you can download this file at any time to prepare for the aural part  of the assesssment.

The sooner you do this the easier everything will become clear as you amalgamate the theory with your practical work on your bees.

Get your name down to take the assesment in 2019.

Contact our Education Sec - June Harvey -


 Please Note:- 

To take the Basic Assessment you should have managed at least one colony of bees for a minimum of 12 months

The Basic Assessment syllabus can appear daunting at first glance but closer inspection will show that it merely lists the basic things which all beekeepers should know.