"Meet the Bees"

Our "Meet the Bees" pagoda.

Come and see us at our "Meet the Bees" pagoda, hosted by experienced beekeepers who are there to answer any question on beekeepng that you may have.
You can see a variety of bee related natural products, buy our honey at a good price.
See our "Observation Hive" where a section of a bee colony can be safely observed behind glass, going about their daily business. For the kids there are "I've seen teh Queen" stickers and colouring in sheets to take home with them. A dispaly of candle rolling can be seen with the option to have ago and to buy your efforts.

Our planned 2018 Summer Events- where the above can be seen and enjoyed.

Wednesday 8th August "Annual Ashover Show" at Rectory Fields, Ashover. S45 0BA
Saturday 1st September "CDBKA Annual Honey Show" at Ashover Village Hall
Sunday 16th September " Revolution House Museum " Old Whittingon, C'field S41 9JZ

Watch this space for details of Summer Meetings & 'Master Classes' yet to be arranged.

Summer Apiary Visits on Saturdays 11am - 1.00pm at our Association Shop & Apiary at Ashfield Rd Allotment. Your chance to see bees a first hand. Weather permitting!
See our Apiary Management - Stuart Adams or Derek Sherrat.
Various sizes of bee suits are available to use (even some childrens sizes)- just bring your wellies and some Marigold type gloves.