At a committee meeting on the 27th March it was decided to re-activate and promote from April 2017, our equipment hire to aid new member beekeepers at the start of their hobby.

No-one can say beekeeping is the cheapest hobby to get involved in as there is a necessary amount of equipment required to start. This hire service will allow for a lower cost start to  their beekeeping.

Although much of the equipment is personal to the new beekeeper and cannot be hired out for health and safety reasons, as an association we try to keep these necessities supplied at our shop at Hasland at a reasonable price. (we charge our members only 10% over our cost price) .

We will supply a hive for one year ‘free of charge’ for one year, subject to paying a ‘returnable’ deposit of £50.00p. It was decided by majority decision, that the old £2.00p per month charge would now be made redundant. At the end of the hire period the returned hive parts will be inspected and any damage repair costs will be deducted from the returnable deposit.

The hired out empty hive will comprise of the following:-

1 x Floor (while stocks last, some have Varroa mesh) ; 1 x Brood box ; 1 x Queen excluder ; 2  x Super boxes; 1 x Crown board;  1 x Roof.

It will be a requirement for the 'hirer' to purchase their own  frames and foundation from our association shop. While saving them more money it will help directly to swell our association funds. These parts can later be transferred to a beekeepers own 'purchased' hive.

                Welcome to new beekeepers.